Success Is The ONLY Comfort Zone

You’ll often hear it said that to succeed, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t believe it for a minute – in reality, success is the only comfort zone!

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Just stop and think about it for a moment. Your bills are piling up, creditors are starting to call and you’re not sure how you’ll pay next month’s rent or mortgage… Or maybe its relationship issues – you want a partner, a lover, but are alone and lonely. Or worse yet, you’re in a bad relationship with no visible solution on the horizon.

Don't Be Fooled - Success Is The ONLY Comfort Zone

And then people have the nerve to call that your comfort zone? Doesn’t seem very comfortable to you, does it? The same is true when you start dieting or working out. As you approach the point where you’ll decide to get started, you’re not in a very comfortable physical state, are you?

And that’s the whole point – you’re not comfortable before you strive for success. It doesn’t matter whether your plan of action is dieting to lose that extra bodyfat, dating to meet that special someone, leaving a bad relationship behind and striking out on your own or looking to increase your income for financial stability or to enable your dreams – all of them start because you’re NOT comfortable with your current situation. Once you’ve realized that you’re unhappy and have to do something about it, you won’t be satisfied until the situation has been corrected – until you’re successful, right?

So now you know they have it backwards – to succeed you have to step out of your ‘uncomfortable zone’. Success would mean hitting your goal weight and being fit and healthy, or meeting your soul mate, or living a life of reduced emotional betrayal, maybe having all the bills paid and enough left over to buy that new car or travel the world. In any case, that success will make your world a lot more comfortable that the one you’re in now, won’t it?

But don’t be upset with the people who talk about stepping out of your comfort zone – in most cases they’re only passing along the platitude thinking it will help. Few will recognize that it’s a type of control mechanism, but that’s what it is. Inherent in telling people they need to be uncomfortable to succeed, there’s the knowledge that most people avoid discomfort to the point that they won’t even try, but rather go on being unhappy and continually maintain the status quo.

You CAN live in your own comfort zone every day. To do so you need to balance your financial, physical, emotional and spiritual health and then build them up together until you reach the lifestyle you desire. Take small steps daily as you strive for success, each day moving just that much closer to your comfort zone!


Doug Champigny - The Success Lifestylist
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  1. Wesley says:

    Hi Doug,

    Perhaps the “comfort zone” for someone is not that a individual is necessarily comfy with their current situation; it is the ONLY “zone” that is a part of their everyday position and awareness.

    The individual just might be more averse towards reaching for the unknown. And, instead be complacent in their own situation and settle for the perpetual “no-zone” for which the individual has become accustomed to.

    Breaking through that first barrier can be so rewarding with the momentum gained to keep you going. And, as you said with “..taking small steps daily through physical, spiritual and emotional health…” can certainly be the fuse to keep that ball rolling. Great Read!

    Best, Wesley

    1. Doug Champigny says:

      GREAT observation, Wesley! One speaker I heard recently put it that “people would rather live in a known hell than an unknown heaven”. We must strive, though, to show such people that by balancing their physical, emotional, financial and spiritual strengths not only do they become much happier, but are suddenly capable of bringing so much more into their lives and can build true prosperity for themselves and their loved ones. Thanks for stopping by and posting your insightful comment!


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