Success In Anything And Everything Comes Down To Mindset

In all you are and all you do, all you have and all you want, everything comes down to your mindset. If you’re not happy with your physical, financial, emotional or spiritual state, you need to change your mindset to make things better for you.

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Now I’m not talking about Zen, the Law Of Attraction or the power of positive thinking – though any of those can help you adjust your mindset. No, I’m talking about the various filters we all apply to what we hear, see, feel and experience every day. How you view the external world and how you see yourself makes more difference than anything else possibly could.

Success In Anything And Everything Comes Down To Mindset - Doug Champigny, the Success Lifestylist.

Mindset & Health…
What are your thoughts about fast-food meals? We’re in the middle of an obesity epidemic, so obviously a lot of people view them as a treat and think of going to a fast food outlet as a fun, rewarding outing. Now think of the men and women you see in real life or in the media whose bodies you admire or envy – think they see fast-foods the same way? What about people at your gym or professional athletes? Think they’re mindset finds them in fast-food outlets regularly?

The same goes for illness and disease – ask any doctor if a person’s attitude effects their experience with their condition, treatment and recovery or stabilization. One of the most famous cases is that of Louise L. Hay, who credits her mindset with helping to cure her of cancer – and Louise went on to found Hay House, one of the largest self-help publishers in the world! She wasn’t foolish – she consulted with her doctor all the way through, but she refused to ONLY rely on standard medical treatment and decided she simply refused to have cancer at all.

Mindset & Wealth…
If you’re one of those unfortunate people who think only the lucky can get rich or truly succeed in business, it’s time for you to drop that self-limiting belief so you can start moving forward. Need some famous examples? Tony Robbins, one of the most famous speakers in the world today, often refers to his early career, living in his Volkswagen & sleeping under a trenchcoat he bought at Goodwill. Motivational speaker Les Brown discusses being born in the worst part of Miami, failing twice in public school and then starting work first as a garbage man and then as a janitor. He changed his mindset and today is a very successful man who has made over $50 million dollars.

No, you might not invent anything that becomes outrageously successful – but there’s no need to… People Like Richard Branson and Warren Buffet haven’t either – yet each has gone on to be a billionaire – that’s right, Billionaire with a ‘B’ – based on developing a successful mindset and taking massive, focused action. Going from humble financial beginnings to mega-wealth is not only possible, it’s been done time and time again in almost every generation – including the Great Depression. Poverty can be, and regularly is, overcome by a success mindset.

Mindset & Personal Relationships…
How often do you try to manipulate your loved ones and/or your friends? How do you react when they try to manipulate you? How open and honest are you with your spouse? Every one of these issues is connected to your mindset. When someone tells your boyfriend or girlfriend how sexy they look, do you choose to experience jealousy or to be happy others see that same beauty and sexiness that you do?

How you choose to experience each situation is up to you. If your spouse is really close to a co-worker of the other sex, do you choose to worry that they might have an affair, or are you happy they get further happiness when you can’t be there to provide it at that moment?

Do you have children? If so, which role have you chosen – the responsible parent, the raging dictator, their best friend or do you almost ignore them in your pursuit of wealth or outside interests? The first is the least common, because it requires the most effort. Being a dictatorial parent stops your child from expressing themselves openly to you and stifles their creativity. ‘Being their friend’ is cowardice brought on by the fear they won’t love you if you don’t let them do as they please, and ignoring them or giving up on them not only hurts them, but denies you the right to a happy, loving family. Only one of four is a successful solution, and it’s YOUR mindset that makes your decision as to which path you’ll take.

Mindset & Your Career…
How much do you love your job? Does it leave you feeling fulfilled at the end of each day? Do you get up excited that you get to do it again? Does it lead you to give your best effort every day? Does it pay you an amount you feel is proper for how much you put into it? Do you see a progressive path ahead that allows you to grow in your job as your personal growth evolves? Do you receive sufficient acknowledgement and praise for your work?

If not, why do you stay there? There are other jobs, other companies, other industries… You could go back to school or even start your own business. You have a myriad of choices, so what in your mindset makes you accept and continue in a job or company that isn’t meeting your needs and desires? If your boss nitpicks over every little issue, do you focus on resenting them or think ‘wow – I’m learning to be a real expert at this, learning exactly what to watch out for’ and appreciating them for the help? If a better career means having to move to another locale or into a big city, it’s been your choice not to go where the better employment is. If you don’t have the skills to move up, choose to learn those skills, whether at night school, online or from a mentor – don’t just accept that you don’t have the skills!

When all is said and done, your mindset is what has created your life to this point and how you choose to view it. Here’s a little mindset exercise for you. Write down what you consider to be your 5 biggest areas of concern in your life right now. Beside each, write down an honest evaluation of how your current mindset could have led to the issue. Then beside that, write down what changes to your mindset you think might change the situation. You might have to really think about the second and third step for a bit, but once you have your new ideas, begin taking action on them right away. Revisit that list every day until you see positive changes going on for you, and take small, positive steps every day.

I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how great your life can be once you develop a success mindset and take massive action to create your own success lifestyle!


Doug Champigny - The Success Lifestylist
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  1. Patrickkur says:

    mindset is very important. once you have made your mind you can do what ever you want.

  2. Steve says:

    It’s all about mindset! So many give in to this, but they need to master it


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