Nothing You Truly Want Is Ever Too Expensive

How many times have you seen something you wanted – an exotic car, a beautiful mansion, etc. – only to think you’d never have it because it was too expensive? Well the truth is that nothing you truly want is ever too expensive – you just don’t have enough yet! And that mindset is vitally important to your future…

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Can you see the difference between something being ‘too expensive’ and you ‘not having enough yet’? While the end result in either case is that you can’t have it right now, in the first instance you’ve accepted that you can’t ever have it – that it is, and will remain, outside your reach. In the second mindset you also realize that you can’t have it now, but you’ve accepted the personal responsibility for achieving it down the road if you truly want it.

Nothing You Want Is Ever Too Expensive

If you’re stuck in a fatalist frame of mind that will seem like it’s only semantics – you can’t have it so nothing else matters. Yet in most cases the people who DO have those items couldn’t afford them when they first decided they wanted them either. Once you accept that your future is in your own hands, you’ll stretch your efforts, break through your limitations and put yourself onto the path to getting the things you want in life.

And this isn’t just applicable to physical things; the same can be said for relationships, faith, good health, etc. Once you identify what is truly important to you you can work your way into finding them for yourself. The reverse is equally true. If you decide you will never be able to afford that big house, that you’ll never meet your soulmate or that you’re too old to get back in shape, you’ll create that future for yourself instead.

This isn’t about the Law Of Attraction – merely thinking about it won’t let you achieve it. Instead, this is about being open to positive future outcomes, deciding which outcome is right for you and then going after it with passion. After all, its YOUR life – what could you be more passionate about?

Decide where you want to be and what you want in your daily life in ten years. Where would you have to be 5 years from now to be on course for that lifestyle? Once you know that you can figure out where you need to be two years from now to empower your plan. And at that point you can lay down specific steps you need to take, from smallest to largest, over the next 2 years – and get started on that path today.

And while it’s true that nothing you truly want is ever too expensive, your dream lifestyle will – and should – require massive action on your part. Forethought, planning and massive action are the keys to success, and each success helps to build both your confidence and motivation to tackle bigger and bigger challenges. Big actions bring big rewards – and you DO deserve those big rewards, don’t you?

Then don’t sit back and blindly accept that you’ll never have those possessions, friends, lovers or the great health that you want – instead accept responsibility for bringing them into your life and pursue them mightily. Soon you too will realize that nothing you truly want is ever too expensive!


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    1. Doug Champigny says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Jessica – I’m glad you liked the article. It really is empowering once people realize they CAN have all they want, if they’re committed to bringing it into their lives… Have a successful & fulfilling day!

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