Momentum: Happy New Year or Happy Next Year?

Once again another year has rolled around as 2015 begins… But should I be wishing you “Happy New Year” or “Happy Next Year”?

The Happy New Year greeting has become so common it rolls off our tongues and out of our computers or pens with nary a thought – but maybe it IS time to give it a bit of thought. What exactly are we implying when talking about the New Year?

Momentum: Happy New Year or Happy Next Year? When such discussions roll around, one inevitable part of the conversation is based on New Year’s Resolutions – the problems we’re going to fix, the bad habits we’re going to overcome, the poor physical condition we’re going to correct and/or the excess bodyfat we’re going to shed starting January 1st. Often these resolutions include getting out of debt, paying down the mortgage, cutting back in credit card spending and finding new ways to increase our income to help overcome these problems.

Notice what’s inherent in every one of these? They’re all based on your performance in the previous year, which in every case has been sub-optimal or just plain wrong. Each is saying ‘I’m an ineffective imbecile, but I’m going to change that right now…’ Based on the previous year’s failures that spawned these New Year’s resolutions – that less-than-impressive track record – what do you think the chances of a sudden, successful series of changes is? But yes, with a lot of focus and effort, the new year can be a success if you stay motivated and on track.

Therefor, wishing one Happy New Year could be defined as acknowledging their failures to date and hoping they’ll be able to start turning things around in the year ahead…

But what if they had a great year? What if they’ve either been building health, wealth and happiness so far, or already turned around their previous issues and have been making huge strides forward in all the right ways?

These are the people to whom I offer “Happy Next Year!” That’s not ‘next’ as in skipping this year and looking further into the future, but honouring their momentum in the year just ended and wishing that this coming year will be the next year along that path, the next year of progress towards their personal and professional goals and that they are able to continue building on the momentum they have currently.

And it’s that MOMENTUM that’s the ‘secret sauce’ of success – it’s the difference between running on ice and skating on ice. In both cases you can exert every bit of focus, experience and energy you have at your disposal, yet your progress is far greater in the latter situation than it is in the former. Put another way, if you’re travelling at 20 miles an hour and you get a 10% boost, you’ve picked up 2 mph. If your momentum has you up to 200 mph, that 10% boost is a jump of 20 mph.

So if you had a lousy 2014 and 2015 finds you in the same or worse shape financially, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually, then I wish you a complete break in the cycle and a fresh start in your new and improved direction: Happy New Year! On the other hand, if you had a great 2014, improved your life in all areas and ended the year with maximum motivation then I wish you every continued success and an ever-increasing amount of momentum: Happy Next Year along your chosen path!

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