Motivation: No One Can Stop You!

You’re trying hard, so very hard, to get ahead and reach your goals and yet there seems to be no end to the hurdles and roadblocks along the way… So it’s important that you realize that no one can stop you – unless you give up. When your motivation starts to flag, just stop and think about the dream lifestyle you’re fighting for and why it’s so important to you.

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You see, it’s that dream, your dream, that fuels your motivation, that gives you the strength to carry on no matter what life throws at you. There are things you want, things you need to create your desired lifestyle, and all of them are just out of reach – right now. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get them, to achieve your dream lifestyle. You just haven’t gotten there yet.

Motivation: No one Can Stop You Unless You Give Up!

Motivation: No One Can Stop You Unless You Give Up!

Without a firm commitment to reaching your goals you won’t get there. Without a specific step-by-step plan from where you are today to where you want to be, you won’t get there. Without taking massive action on your plan you won’t get there. And without the motivation and perseverance to fight on in the face of all adversity, you won’t get there.

If that sounds pretty negative to you then it’s time for a reframe… What do those four situations have in common?

None of them involve anyone but YOU.

For all it might seem at times that others, or even fate itself, are holding you back, the truth is no one can stop you except you. They can slow you down, they can make it harder, but they can’t stop you if your motivation, your dream, is strong enough.

Picture yourself in the car of your dreams, with the love of your life, heading off to an absolute dream vacation. As you zip along the highway your favorite song comes on the radio and you’re both singing away to it, laughing and carrying on in anticipation of the great time ahead when you suddenly come to a massive traffic jam – there’s an accident blocking the road ahead. You slow down, come to a stop and consider your options. You might relax and wait for traffic to clear, turn off and find an alternate route or simply turn around and go back home, forgetting about taking that vacation.

Which would you choose? It certainly wouldn’t be heading home, would it? So if you would find another way to succeed and take that vacation, why would you not do the same when taking about your dream lifestyle? Surely your motivation for a great everyday existence should be stronger than when the goal is a short-term vacation…

But too often it isn’t. People get ground down by daily life, by trying and failing. Yet no super-successful person ever got that way without failing regularly along the way. We learn the most from our failures, not our successes. Make no mistake, success isn’t never getting knocked down – it’s getting up just one more time than the world knocks you down. But unless you have a firm grasp of your dream and know the concrete steps it’s going to take to get you there you may not have the motivation to get back up that one final, crucial time.

Think it’s too hard to carry on in the face of too many failures? Think for a moment of the medial scientists who have been searching for a cure for cancer – how many of them have gone through their entire career – 40 YEARS of dedicated effort without succeeding? Yet with every failure they regroup and try again, over and over again. Where does their motivation come from? A fight for so powerful a dream, to save millions of lives and end countless millions of hours of pain and suffering.

So ok… Maybe your goals aren’t as lofty, maybe the odds aren’t as stacked against you as they are for those scientists. But is your dream lifestyle any less important to you than their goals are to them? No. Not unless YOU give up.

So when life has you down, take a breather and refocus on your goals. If you’ve been knocked back, re-plot your course and get started on your detour. Listen to a few self-help audios, read one of the great motivational books out there. If it’s skills you lack that are holding you back, take a course at night school or one of the online courses in the subject. If you simply can’t find the right path or don’t know how to get from here to your dream, find someone who has already done it and model yourself, and your daily life, after them.

But if you find it all to easy to give up, if you don’t think you have the internal strength to keep trying or you can’t find the right person to model, find a mentor. An effective mentor will analyze where you are, help you discover the steps to your dream lifestyle, and keep you accountable to completing each step along the way. Knowing you have that support and knowing you’ll have to report about your progress regularly will add to whatever motivation you already have and get you to the top – your dream lifestyle.

Your mentor won’t do the work for you, though they may be able to open some doors or reduce some obstacles. But it will still be YOU who has to take massive action to cross the finish line in short order and realize your goals. Why? Because no one can stop you if you don’t give up – but no one else can do it for you, either. It’s up to you and your motivation to achieve your dreams!


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Embracing Your Diamond Mind

If you’re like most people, life hasn’t always been smooth sailing for you – in fact, you’ve probably endured setback after setback, emotionally draining fiascoes and being dumped on unfairly. So now it’s time to put all that pressure and heat to good use and adopt the Success Mindset by embracing your diamond mind!

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Think about it for a minute… One of the most precious gems in the world today is a diamond, right? Yet those glorious, sparkling, sought-after diamonds began their journey as simple, cheap coal. That coal was transformed by pressure and heat until it was molded into diamonds – it was the constant, long-term pressure and incredible heat that turned a cheap commodity into an item of great value.

The Success Mindset & Your Diamond Mind

The same can be said of your own mind, if you so choose. All of that stress and pressure you’ve dealt with has given you a wealth of experience in dealing with whatever life throws at you. Being under fire at work, in social settings and/or at home has taught you tact, diplomacy, humility and the benefits of holding your tongue. And when you put those two together, you gain a lot of new wisdom – just think about how much wiser you are now than you were ten or twenty years ago.

To go back to our example, not all coal becomes diamonds. In fact, it’s precisely because there are so few diamonds that they’ve become so valuable. And it’s the same thing for people in the general public – most are average and run-of-the-mill, but a select few in every generation are really spectacular. What makes them stand out isn’t IQ, breeding or wealth – it’s mindset.

Embracing Your ‘Diamond Mind’ Mindset
Fortunately, every person has the ultimate control over their mindset. But you have to take active control of your own mindset or you’ll default to a frame of mind dictated by outside sources like television, online media, politicians and worse. If you’re currently living in the ‘Life Sucks’ camp, it’s a safe bet you’re accepting someone else’s version of reality instead of embracing your own diamond mind!

People with real self-confidence and a lot of energy tackle every challenge with gusto and succeed a lot more often than they fail. You’ve probably looked on such people with some mix of envy and dislike – never realizing that changing your mindset could make you one of those over-achievers too.

Where does their self-confidence come from? It starts from realizing all they been through has taught them a lot – including how to handle future challenges. And for all the world has thrown at them, they’re still standing…

Well, isn’t that true of you too? The more you’ve been through to this point, the deeper the well of experience you have to draw on and the better you know how to handle anything life throws at you in the future. Trust in that wisdom & your diamond mind to overcome your challenges on a going-forward basis.

Each new challenge becomes another victory, adding to your self-confidence and your motivation – and that ever-increasing motivation is the root of more and more energy as you move forward in life! And as you move forward along this cycle you’ll reach critical mass, with energy and self-confidence at self-sustaining velocity.

You, too, can stand out in any crowd just by remembering – and using – all you’ve survived and all you’ve learned from your experiences to date. Use your diamond mind mindset to really thrive and tackle each day with the confidence that you’ll be triumphant once again!


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