Embrace Massive Mondays For Maximum Motivation

For maximal motivation you need to go against the common attitudes – which isn’t surprising given the low levels of motivation displayed by most people these days. Instead of dreading Mondays and then dragging through the workweek, ramp up for Massive Mondays and breeze through your week!

In business, for example, certain parts of your work take more effort and are usually the parts you keep putting off. Prospecting for new customers is often considered the toughest part of the week, so schedule all of your prospecting or at least the toughest part of it for Mondays. You’ve just had two days off to rest and do the non-business activities you like best, so you should be fresh and raring to go. Use that prime energy to tackle the biggest and toughest part of your week!

Massive Mondays For Maximum Motivation

By doing that, you’re making the rest of your week easier to face and easier to zip through. You’ve got the confidence and ego boost from having already completed the dreaded tasks, and the remainder of the week is all work you enjoy more or at least dislike less. You’re on a roll and your motivation starts high and can stay that way from Tuesday through Friday, letting you get more done than you normally would.

It takes a mindset change to plan and follow through with Massive Mondays, but once you get the hang of it you develop the habit and can enjoy maximum motivation each and every week. And if you plan go get a lot done on Mondays and can’t get through it all your first few weeks it’s not an issue, since you just finish that plan on Tuesday morning. Either way, you’re still in better shape for the workweek than you would be by putting the hard parts off and trying to find the motivation to tackle it later in the week…

The same goes for your health and exercise – planning Massive Mondays in the gym can fire you up for the whole remainder of the week… If you’re doing full-body workouts 3 times a week, make Mondays the day you up the weight over what you were lifting the previous week. If your weight lifting schedule is Monday-Wednesday-Friday, Monday is the only day you’re coming in after 72 hours off, so it’s only natural to hit the gym harder then than the week before.

If you’re doing single-bodypart workouts over multiple sessions a week, make Monday’s workout the day you train legs or legs and back. All too often people train chest on Mondays – that’s just ego, trying to build an impressive chest. The heaviest weights you’ll move all week are while training legs and back, so train them immediately following your 2 days off over the weekend. Massive Mondays won’t only help you keep maximum motivation but will give you maximum momentum as well as help keep you on track.

Weightlifters who schedule chest for Monday usually plan to train legs on Friday, the one day most missed in the gym as people decide to start their weekend a little earlier. Add to it the motivation that comes from knowing your hardest work is already done for the week and the rest of your workouts that week will be truly inspired!

You now know why they’re called Massive Mondays – you’re stacking your busiest & toughest workday on top of your heaviest day in the gym, and you are going to find they’re a challenge, especially at first. But once you realize you’re up for the challenge you’ll see your maximum motivation building every week, resulting in your pushing through to reach levels you’ve never hit before – and increasing your motivation even more!

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