Embracing Your Diamond Mind

If you’re like most people, life hasn’t always been smooth sailing for you – in fact, you’ve probably endured setback after setback, emotionally draining fiascoes and being dumped on unfairly. So now it’s time to put all that pressure and heat to good use and adopt the Success Mindset by embracing your diamond mind!

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Think about it for a minute… One of the most precious gems in the world today is a diamond, right? Yet those glorious, sparkling, sought-after diamonds began their journey as simple, cheap coal. That coal was transformed by pressure and heat until it was molded into diamonds – it was the constant, long-term pressure and incredible heat that turned a cheap commodity into an item of great value.

The Success Mindset & Your Diamond Mind

The same can be said of your own mind, if you so choose. All of that stress and pressure you’ve dealt with has given you a wealth of experience in dealing with whatever life throws at you. Being under fire at work, in social settings and/or at home has taught you tact, diplomacy, humility and the benefits of holding your tongue. And when you put those two together, you gain a lot of new wisdom – just think about how much wiser you are now than you were ten or twenty years ago.

To go back to our example, not all coal becomes diamonds. In fact, it’s precisely because there are so few diamonds that they’ve become so valuable. And it’s the same thing for people in the general public – most are average and run-of-the-mill, but a select few in every generation are really spectacular. What makes them stand out isn’t IQ, breeding or wealth – it’s mindset.

Embracing Your ‘Diamond Mind’ Mindset
Fortunately, every person has the ultimate control over their mindset. But you have to take active control of your own mindset or you’ll default to a frame of mind dictated by outside sources like television, online media, politicians and worse. If you’re currently living in the ‘Life Sucks’ camp, it’s a safe bet you’re accepting someone else’s version of reality instead of embracing your own diamond mind!

People with real self-confidence and a lot of energy tackle every challenge with gusto and succeed a lot more often than they fail. You’ve probably looked on such people with some mix of envy and dislike – never realizing that changing your mindset could make you one of those over-achievers too.

Where does their self-confidence come from? It starts from realizing all they been through has taught them a lot – including how to handle future challenges. And for all the world has thrown at them, they’re still standing…

Well, isn’t that true of you too? The more you’ve been through to this point, the deeper the well of experience you have to draw on and the better you know how to handle anything life throws at you in the future. Trust in that wisdom & your diamond mind to overcome your challenges on a going-forward basis.

Each new challenge becomes another victory, adding to your self-confidence and your motivation – and that ever-increasing motivation is the root of more and more energy as you move forward in life! And as you move forward along this cycle you’ll reach critical mass, with energy and self-confidence at self-sustaining velocity.

You, too, can stand out in any crowd just by remembering – and using – all you’ve survived and all you’ve learned from your experiences to date. Use your diamond mind mindset to really thrive and tackle each day with the confidence that you’ll be triumphant once again!


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