How To Create Products That Sell

It’s easy for people to tell you that the secret to creating a successful product is to find a need and fill it – and a great many courses and e-books boil down to just that. As a result, most new products, physical or virtual, fail.

So assuming you have found a legitimate need to fill, what’s the real issue? Either your product doesn’t really fill the need or, more likely, you’re not getting the message across in your marketing. There’s an art to creating new products and marketing them effectively – fortunately it’s an easy skill to master if you go about it correctly…

The trick is to create your marketing first, then create the product.

Create Your Marketing First

Think about it for a minute… You’ve done your market research and you know the problem your target market is facing, and you’ve got a great idea for a product to match their needs and wants. Most people will rush into creating the product then figure out how to market it – but as you’re creating the product, how do you know it’s going to sell? People have already created that ‘better mousetrap’, but the bulk of the market still uses the wooden board and copper spring.

Don’t fall into that trap. Since you’ve identified the need, create the perfect marketing campaign tightly focused on the wants and needs of your intended market. If you’re running a brick and mortar business, decide whether the product is best suited to newspaper and magazine advertising, radio and TV marketing, online advertising or flyers and brochures. Decide on your preferred marketing mix and create the first draft of your print ads, commercial storyboards, online salespage and flyer & brochure layout. If you’re running an online business, write your salespage, your salesletter e-mail followups and design your affiliate resources.

In either case, the idea is to craft a great advertising campaign for EXACTLY the product this market is waiting for – the ideal solution to their wants and needs. Show that you understand what they’re facing and the inherent problems that creates for them. Let them know that’s exactly WHY this solution was needed and WHY you created this new product (or had it created). List each of the problems they’re facing, discuss HOW your new product eliminates each of those problems and how each of those features benefits the lives of the purchasers.

Give this section a lot of thought. Read back over the list of problems your prospects face – what more could the product do to help them? And think about what that target market likes – if it’s a physical product, do they want a variety of colors to choose from? If it’s a digital product, would it be more appealing if there was an audio or video version included? Throw in everything but the kitchen sink – anything you can think of that’s appropriate to the product, market and your intended price point – promise them whatever it would reasonably take to make their purchase a true no-brainer. An offer so strong you’d buy it yourself – or might even consider buying even if you didn’t really need it…

If you’re in a position to, run the marketing campaign by a focus group from your target market; if not, run it by some of your peers and contacts to solicit their feedback. If they’re helpful, add their suggestion to your sales message. Remember, this is just a first draft for your marketing materials so they don’t need to be polished – just complete.

Done? Wonderful – you now have the blueprint for everything your new product needs. Create the product that goes with your ads, delivers on every promise your sales materials describe. Then add in 2 or 3 helpful features not mentioned in the ads – always overdeliver on your promises!

You’ll find it much easier to create that product now, since the exact description already exists, and much easier to stay on track during production. And once it’s done, your marketing materials only need to be polished – all the vital details and sizzle are already done. Turn your roughs over to your ad agency or delve in yourself and knock them out.

And smile – you just created your first – or your next – product that sells!

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