Are You Ignoring This Important Part Of Your Online Marketing Success?

All over the world, tens or hundreds of thousands of people and companies strive to improve their online marketing results and bottom-line profits. Yet most are oblivious to the importance of one simple part of their Internet marketing toolbox – one of the simplest ways to maximize their chances of success online.

Ask any of these marketers about the importance of their opt-in e-mail lists and the answer will always be that it’s imperative to have an opt-in list – most realize that the size of their targeted e-mail lists is a prime factor in their potential online profits. Daily they struggle to find better ways to drive traffic to their sites and blogs, hoping to increase the size of their lists… After all, one of the most common truisms in the industry is that ‘the money is in the list’.

How they get people to sign up or ‘opt in’ is well known too. It’s a simple enough process – visitors give their e-mail address and agree to receive your e-mails in order to gain access to some gift of perceived value. Most often this gift is a free download (report, video, audio, etc.) or access to an online event or membership site. Those with even a smidgen of experience usually realize that the higher the perceived value of the gift and the more closely-targeted the web traffic, the greater the chance of enticing the visitor to subscribe. Squeeze Page

An effective squeeze page can double or triple your opt-in conversion rates – are YOURS as effective as this free squeeze page from

Yet armed with all this knowledge and experience, most online marketers take the linchpin of the whole system for granted – to their disadvantage. No matter what your gift is or how you generate web traffic, all forms of online list-building involve an opt-in page. Known in the industry as your ‘squeeze’ page, this is the page that lists the gift and presents your opt-in form. As the only common feature in every list-building campaign you run, its importance is paramount – yet it’s seldom given more than a passing thought as marketers create each new campaign.

Think of it this way… How much effort and expense would it take to double your website traffic arriving at the page? A lot, right? Or to make your free incentive worth twice as much to your prospective subscriber – could you even do that? Yet doubling or even tripling the conversion rate of your squeeze pages can often be accomplished by just a bit of testing and tweaking the design and information presented on it.

No matter what your current website traffic levels are, taking your squeeze page from 10% conversion to 20% will have the same net effect as doubling your existing traffic. If you’re like most online marketers you put an awful lot of your time into getting even incremental increases in traffic. Wouldn’t it seem prudent to spend some time ensuring you’re getting the highest conversions from prospects to subscribers from all that work?

The simplest solution is to create 2 or 3 potential squeeze pages for your offer and use either a link-rotator or a tracking link with a built-in rotator to link to the pages. These let you use a single link for your promotions, sending the first visitor to page 1, the 2nd to page 2, etc. Send it out via a solo ad or similar source and then check your stats to see which page converted best. Then run another test using that design with 2 or 3 versions of the sales copy. If necessary, continue tweaking them until you have a clear winner – then discard the rest and stay with that one as you throw your entire marketing mix at driving traffic to that page.

If that seems like too much time, trouble or cost, think about what it would take to double your current traffic levels and you’ll see this is actually the easiest way to double or triple your opt-in rates. When you think about what doubling the size of your opt-in e-mail lists would do for your profitability you’ll quickly realize you don’t want to ignore this important part of your online marketing success any longer!

There is another option at your disposal – the new site provides free list-building funnels for you to use to build your lists, including professionally-designed squeeze pages to maximize your opt-in conversion rates. Take a look at all they provide, and how their system lets you recruit others to help you build your opt-in lists for free starting right from the day you get your 5FD free membership.

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