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Doing business online, generally speaking, can be broken down into 3 types of business: Internet marketing, affiliate marketing and promoting offline businesses online. While all 3 are similar in some ways but differ vastly in others, there is ONE resource I can wholeheartedly recommend to every business – one I’ve used extensively over the years, on an almost daily basis.

Before getting to that, though, let’s paint a picture of what YOUR business needs online, depending on which of the 3 categories it falls into…

Affiliate Marketing
When a would-be entrepreneur decides to start a business online, affiliate marketing is the most-common first step. Affiliate marketers make money promoting other people’s products and services without having to create products of their own, so it’s a logical way to get started online. But they still need web hosting for their blog and opt-in squeeze pages, autoresponders for their e-mail marketing and tracking software so they know what’s working and what isn’t as they try to drive sales online.

This last point is truly important, yet often overlooked. While it’s common for marketers to track the opens and clicks from their e-zine, many aren’t tracking clicks generated by their blog posts, guest posts, article marketing and/or social media efforts. If you don’t know where your traffic, especially your buyers, are coming from, how can you know where to focus more of your time and money versus what you should tone down or eliminate altogether from your marketing mix?

Internet Marketing
Those involved in Internet marketing usually also do some affiliate marketing as well, and as such use those same resources. But whether they’re marketing in the mainstream Internet marketing field or focusing on niche marketing, they’re also creating products – e-books, audios, videos, graphics, etc. So they need hosting for salespages, download pages, the products themselves, etc., meaning they usually have multiple websites and domains. Many also run membership sites, meaning they need the software to manage memberships, allow access, etc. As their online business grows, add to that the need for a customer support desk and an affiliate program so that others can promote their products too.

Promoting Offline Businesses Online
Unlike Internet marketing or affiliate marketing, promoting an offline business online doesn’t necessarily involve selling products online – often the goal is simply to drive footfalls into physical stores, known as local marketing. For that style of online promotion, often only a website or blog is used, although more marketing-savvy offline businesses will also use autoresponders to build a targeted list of prospects and buyers. This is especially true for those in service industries, tourism, etc.

For those in wholesale and retail businesses, often the web is used for both – to drive new and repeat customers into their physical location AND to sell products online, either for business-to-business sales or business-to-consumer sales. These hybrid marketing models require all the same resources as discussed for Internet marketing above.

Your All-In-One Solution For Online Marketing & Promotion
By now you can see how many different resources are needed for marketing online, and you can imagine how confusing it can be getting all of these services piecemeal from a variety of suppliers – not to mention how expensive all of these separate service providers are each month. But as I mentioned at the outset, there IS one resource that solves this problem: A provider that has bundled all of these services into one extremely-affordable package…

The eBusiness Automation Center - Your one-stop resource for every business online.

The eBusiness Automation Center has bundled and integrated secure web hosting, professional autoresponders, affiliate program management software, contact form software and ad tracking software, then added in everything from product download protection and shopping cart software to a PDF e-book generator and brander system. Not only does that give you just one site to deal with to get all that, but think of how much shorter your learning curve is when all of your required services are tied together in one bundle for you!

Best of all, no matter how diligent you are in sourcing each of these tools individually, you’d be hard-pressed to get professional tools from separate providers for anywhere near as reasonable a rate – if you could even come close or only needed 3 or 4 of these resources. The eBusiness Automation Center plans start at just $29.95 a month for all of the resources we’ve discussed, including autoresponders, memberships and affiliates up to 25,000 each. And should you ever reach the level where you can exceed those limits, room for each additional 10,000 opt-ins, members and affiliates is only another $10 a month.

The full list of features and pricing is online here, and if you take action on this today you’ll also get your first month for under $5 and lock in your chosen plan’s pricing for life – no surprises for you if they raise the rates down the road… Which, with all they offer, they really SHOULD have done a long time ago – but don’t tell them I said that, just mention that I said you’d get your first month for under five bucks! 😉

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