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Hope your day is going well! Before getting into today’s
subject, I need to apologize to you for an incorrect link
yesterday – the site with the live Liz Tomey interview video
is at http://www.Champigny.tv  – and remember, we’d love to
have you join us for JVAlert Live in Philadelphia this June!
http://www.Live-Internet-Marketing-Events.com  is the place
to grab the earlybird 2-for-1 rate…

OK – as it says in the subject line, I just laid out
400 bucks for an online service – not to own it, just to
use http://www.Start-Article-Marketing.com/special.php . The
service? Getting my articles out to the most important of
the article directories – and it’s a service you should be
using too!

How do I know you should be using them? Well, we all
know that putting your articles out there is one of the
best ways to get more people to your sites, and to improve
your PR with one-way links back to your sites, right? And
we know interest is strong – my Article Magic e-book was
one of the most downloaded in our recent event.

Writing a quick article isn’t a problem for most of us;
for the rest there are plenty of ghostwriters around who
will write unique articles for you. The problem is finding
the time to get to each of the sites to give them the
articles once we’ve written them! Really – isn’t that why
you don’t have a ton of them out there pulling for you

Well, right now the guys are going to give you a break
on the outlay for using their pro services quarterly,
annually or for the lifetime account – which is the one
I grabbed. I prefer a one-time outlay for ongoing stuff,
& at http://www.Start-Article-Marketing.com/special.php
this week I got in for a hundred bucks under their usual
rate – gotta love that!

They’re even tossing in a unique article for those who
go quarterly, two for the annual, and three if you take
the lifetime account, just to help you get started. But if
even the quarterly is beyond your means right now, you can
still take their free trial to see what the service can do
to help you grow your biz.

Check out the packages and how much less you can grab
them for, and then do the smart thing and get hooked up
at http://www.Start-Article-Marketing.com/special.php  now
to remove that one block that’s holding your article
back, ok?

Helping you Make 2008 GREAT!

Doug Champigny

P.S. – Considering this service lets you put an unlimited
number of articles out there each month, and that the
quarterly service can be had for under fifty bucks for 3
months, this one’s definitely worth trying. Pick a good
product or affiliate op to push in your Author’s bio box
and you should be in the black with it right from the
first quarter, not even counting the branding and PR boost.
Hit http://www.Start-Article-Marketing.com/special.php  now
and get moving and grooving like you should!

Helping you succeed… DC.

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