2 New Free Sites Every Marketer Should Be Using

2 New Free Sites Every Marketer Should Be Using

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If there’s one thing I love, it’s finding new free ways for you to grow you Internet marketing, affiliate marketing or niche marketing business online, or help you promote offline businesses online – yours or your clients’ offline businesses… So I’m really pleased to have TWO great new free sites for you today – one to help increase web traffic and the other a social media site designed specifically for marketers!

Tyler Huculak & Kramer Huculak, owners & developers over at Logiscape Technologies Inc., have put together 2 powerful sites for the online marketing community, then linked them together to help ensure the long-term success of both sites. And from what I’ve seen of them so far, they have nothing to worry about there…

First up, there’s Adzly – a system not unlike Tweet Traffic Rush in that the more page views their widget gets on your online properties, the more often your ad shows up on other people’s sites. And therein lies the big difference – while Tweet Traffic Rush shows your latest tweet, Adzly shows your ads…

You can sign up for Adzly for free and earn credits both on your own sites and, under some circumstances, on those who sign up directly through you. I decided to take the paid upgrade, in part to be able to show graphics-based ads as well as text ads, and in part for the 30% commission rate on those who sign up through me and upgrade to paid. Free members are limited to text ads, much like the most common form of Adsense ads.

What I like about services like Adzly, Tweet Traffic Rush and such is the snowball effect they tend to have… The busier your sites get, the greater number of ads you serve up and the more your ad is shown, bringing you more traffic again. And using any conversion percentage you like, the more people who see your widget the more signups you could attract under you, again leading to an increase in potential traffic.

So go ahead and get your membership at Adzly now and put the widget on your sites and/or blogs – you can see mine in the sidebar just below the archives on each page of this blog. (By putting it in the sidebar you only need to place the code once to have it show on every post, past, present & future.)

As you cruise around my other blogs you’ll see it on most of them, too. Like everything else in Internet marketing, you can just throw it onsite and get some value from it, or promote it actively and do much better with it. And if you take the paid upgrade, be sure to promote it enough to get a few paid members under you so you get the extra 15k – 20k ad impressions for no net cost!

Their second new site is IM faceplate, and as the name implies it’s somewhat like Facebook, although it’s got a ways to go to reach those traffic levels!

Doesn’t matter, though – this one’s designed FOR US – the online marketing community… Join IM faceplate for free and take a look around – first thing I noticed was I could add my Twitter feed, some of my blog feeds, the RSS feed for my articles – even my YouTube video feed! That’ll be really powerful once we get a lot more of the online marketers using the site, and in the meantime I’m always in favor of any site where I can build my backlinks automatically!

Like all social networking sites, some marketers will take 15 minutes to hook up their feeds and never bother to visit the site, just content to get the backlinks. But those who participate, who promote the site and develop a relationship with the other marketers will be the ones who reap the rewards! Some say Twitter doesn’t work for marketers, some say Facebook doesn’t – while others are making a bundle from both. You’ll get back whatever you put into the community,,,

But most importantly, get in now while it’s just a hatchling; it may never be another Twitter or Facebook, but there’s still lots of room for growth as the mainstream IM community finds out about it – c’mon aboard now before it’s all growed up! 😉

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  1. I like and use both of these sites.

    Viral advertising sites have always been a favorite of mine for sending traffic to various places and IM Faceplate has become a good source of targeted traffic for me becuase it was built for marketers.

    Thanks for the reviews.
    Mike Paetzold recently posted…Sunday Goodies – January 30 2011My Profile

  2. Joel Osborne says:

    Great freebies Doug, thank you! You’re right, often the first people to get into a service like Adzly often get a big boost in their down-line, so it’s something I will have to check out.

  3. Jim Berry says:

    Thanks for bringing these to light, Doug. Something that brings traffic to your own sites and helps others to do the same makes it a win for everyone!
    Jim Berry recently posted…Internet Marketing With Free And Open Source Software – EasyPHPMy Profile

  4. IM Faceplate, that’s very interesting Doug. It may perhaps be a great traffic source this year, especially if it gets more publicized over the web. Knowing that there are only a few quality community sites for web marketers that we can really hang out.
    Lauren Bennett recently posted…Ways to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  5. Kim says:

    Thanks for bringing these to light, Doug. Something that brings traffic to your own sites and helps others to do the same makes it a win for everyone!
    Kim recently posted…WHOLESALE SIGNSMy Profile

  6. Lynda says:

    Thank you for sharing these two products. They seem like they could prove to be valuable over time. I will check them out for sure. As always great information here :)
    Lynda recently posted…Bistro MD savings promo codesMy Profile

  7. Wow..It’s a great share here. I actually didn’t look out for those two this whole year. Have been released early this year, and I haven’t realized it until now. And after reading this, I became interested to test them. Thanks for the sharing.
    Andrew Walker recently posted…UstoreIt Coupon CodeMy Profile

  8. Joe says:

    Hey Thanks for these two site links.
    I had been searching daily for something new for my business Promotions and even sign up at many of this sites.These two sites look nice and provide a lot of information.

  9. Earl Netwal says:

    I’ve been using both, but only half heartedly. You post encourages me to go back a and take a closer look.
    Earl Netwal recently posted…How to Get on Google MapsMy Profile

  10. James says:

    Hello Doug,

    Followed your links to faceplant :) lol no. i mean Faceplate, signed up and posted an article…great stuff, exactly what i was looking for….now i have to write some more articles!

    Kind Regards,

  11. terry knight says:

    hey doug thanks for share these are some of the best source as i see,,definitely give it a shot
    terry knight recently posted…Top Web Services Testing ToolsMy Profile


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