Have You Spotted ‘The Big Internet Marketing Lie’ Yet?

The Big Internet Marketing Lie – Have you spotted it yet? If you’ve been active online in Internet or affiliate marketing, marketing offline businesses online or even just following the work-at-home & home-based businesses scene, the proof of it is in your Inbox right now…

If you know me, you know that I love marketing in all it’s forms – online marketing, offline marketing, direct mail marketing, advertising – the works! And it’s a good thing, since I’ve been doing it in one or another form for about 40 years now! 😉 It’s always been natural to me – I was even exempted in the ‘Theory of Marketing’ in college because of my experience & knowledge of the subject way back then in the pre-WWW world. From newspaper routes at age 9 to hiring other kids for my snow-shovelling business at 12 – I was first Advertising Manager of a weekly newspaper by 19 years old!

I’m not saying that to brag (well – maybe a bit… I AM a Type-A+ personality! LOL), but because all that empirical marketing knowledge makes it easy for me to spot the trends & tactics, techniques and methodologies being used in various industries vis-a-vis their marketing campaigns. Which is why I spotted the ‘Big Internet Marketing Lie’ & chuckle at how easy it is to debunk.

The ‘Big Lie’ isn’t that you can make money – even huge money – from online marketing… I’ve driven 7 figures in sales online and made a damn good living at it and intend to keep doing so for as long as I keep enjoying it. It has let Teri and me visit the Grand Canyon, the Florida Everglades, spend time in South Beach, Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, travel Route 66, etc… We have dozens of friends who make just as much with Internet marketing and know a handful who have made a helluva lot more than we have! So that’s not the lie…

To spot it, you just have to look back over the e-zines you’ve received the last few weeks or months. The ones with messages like ‘E-mail marketing is DEAD – you should be blogging!’, ‘E-mail marketing doesn’t work – you need Social Media!’ or ‘E-zines don’t work anymore – you need this new tool!’.

What’s so funny about the ‘Big Lie’ is how they’re getting these messages to you – THROUGH THEIR E-ZINE!!! These people are telling you that what they do to make their living doesn’t work – but if that were true, why would they still be using it??? Simple – e-mail marketing works when it’s done right, with a targeted list of double-opt-in subscribers.

I don’t wear rose-colored glasses – I’m the first to admit that it’s not as easy as it was 4 or 5 years ago. It’s much harder to build valuable opt-in lists, and the current economic conditions prevent those who aren’t making money from their Internet marketing efforts yet to spend as much as newbies used to in their quest for the best ideas, products, services and training. But walk down any commercial-area street or through any mall and see how offline retail is doing – all those empty stores are testaments to the price we’re paying for the foolish notion of ‘Free Trade’. (Don’t get me started… LOL)

What isn’t funny is the huge volume of newbie Internet marketers who don’t see the Lie, who believe these jerks and as a result are jumping from methodology to methodology without ever building a secure foundation to base their online businesses on.

I hadn’t really seen how prevalent this was until I notified our online family (our lists and social media audiences) about the big Ultimate Social Media Giveaway being hosted later this month by Stephanie Mulac, Kerry Russell & Paul Teague. Because I track my links for events like this, I know that 447 people have clicked through to check out the giveaway through our link. Yet out of those 447, only 11 people decided to participate in this free list-building opportunity!

That’s less than 2 1/2%… 97.5% Decided they didn’t want marketers like Willie Crawford, JT Martin, Mike Merz, Phil Basten, Micheal Savoie, Larry Dotson and Teri & me to help them build their lists. In all, as I write this 194 gifts are already uploaded, even though the event is still almost 2 weeks away. And hundreds more have signed up as contributors but not loaded up their gifts yet.

Past history shows us though that a lot of those who’ve signed up WON”T follow through – either they won’t get their gift in or they will, but then not promote. No worries – there gift will be dropped from the listings if they don’t promote. Those who are serious WILL promote it though, most rather heavily – that’s how the system is set up. The more people they drive into the event, the closer to page 1 their gift shows up. And the more people they drive in, the greater the chance you’ll snag some of these opt-ins for your gift too!

If you don’t have a list yet, or just have a small one, you wion’t get as many signups as the big dogs at the front of the pack do – so what? You can promote the site using your blog, social media, etc, etc, and get a good start – after all, every new signup is another potential person for you to help, another potential JV partner or affiliate, and may add to your online income as time progresses. Yes, you’re starting off small – but so did every one of the Internet marketing big dogs I mentioned above; we’ve just been at it longer than you.

So really the question is are you going to take your list-building seriously and start building a stable online business with the help of some of Internet marketing’s biggest names, or are you going to buy into the ‘Big Internet Marketing Lie’ and ignore building opt-in lists in future?

If you choose the former, take the first step and get signed up to start building opt-in lists today – you still have two weeks to create or buy a product to use in the giveaway.

If you choose the latter, well, don’t worry – those who sold you the Big Lie will sell you lots more, since you’ll be in this same situation a year or two down the road.

Harsh, but true. The online marketing landscape is already strewn with the corpses of those who spent a fortune but never built opt-in lists – don’t let your marketing flesh rot there with theirs. And when the next joker tells you in his e-mail that e-mail doesn’t work, remember the great Kid Rock line ‘I may have been born at night, but not LAST night, baby!’

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  1. Jim Berry says:

    True that, Doug. With all the ‘1 click’, push button, ‘makes money while you sleep’ silver bullets coursing thru Internet, many have forgotten the basic strategies that work best.
    People will see ‘The money is in the list’ a hundred times a day and still, when that ‘shiny button’ pops up. they click. Only to find later that all they really did was put themselves another fifty bucks away from their goal of having a real online business.

  2. Earl Netwal says:

    List Building remains a core practice for any business. I agree its been harder to convert lists to buyers, but I think that is due to the economy more than anything else.

    As for the Giveaway, I thinks its that there have been so many giveaways people are burned out. I participate in a lot of them, and frankly most are only barely worth the time.

    But there are exceptions and Stephanie’s events are well worth participating in. Because she knows how to motivate people to actually A. Submit good products on a narrower theme and more importantly B. Get people to actually promote the events so those who do contribute get not just a handful of new people on their lists but gobs.

    I always join her events and even more I upgrade because they pay off.
    Earl Netwal recently posted…Coffee – Has It Gotten a Bad Rap?My Profile

  3. Hi Doug,

    Well said on many levels! And it’s interesting to note that I “came back,” for a limited time to run the Social Media Gifts giveaway to support Internet Marketing friends just like you!

    As you know, in the Self Improvement niche, my events have now rose to 38,000 members & thousands in commissions – a giveaway the likes of which IM has not seen in a LONG time! And many of my “old” friends in Internet Marketing haven’t been able to avail themselves of this mega list building opportunity because it’s not the niche they are pursuing.

    So as we have just surpassed 1000 contributors (and 250 gifts) we shall see how many savvy entrepreneurs embrace this opportunity. One things for sure, those that do won’t regret it!

    Stephanie Mulac

  4. Andre Arnett says:

    Always love it when you start telling the truth. Giveaways have been tough for a while as Earl mentioned because as you turn around there seems to be another. It is always good when you get a good one to come out to get involved in. Thanks for pointing it out.
    Andre Arnett recently posted…Internet Marketing Training Program PLR PackageMy Profile

  5. Excellent post Doug.

    Like you, I’ve been building an online business for
    15+ years, and list-building, and email marketing
    continue to be a BIG factor in my success.

    While many look for “new” tactics and techniques, I
    stick with the old,and in my last giveaway, I was one
    of the ones who promoted heavily enough to win a solo
    mailing to a list of 150,000 (a prize that I’d value
    at $5000. The thing is that it didn’t take an
    extraordinary effort, because as you also pointed out,
    many people sign up for things like free giveaways, and
    then do nothing.

    By just following through, we often find success
    because so many other are so easily distracted, looking
    for shortcuts and non-existent secrets.

    Thank for telling it like it is!

    Willie Crawford

  6. Regina says:

    I am one of the person who Willie is talking about. I did register because i had a good feeling its vital. the problem is being a newbie i do not know how to go about it. Anybody out here care enough to show me the ropes, i learn fast so wont waste precious time.

    1. Doug Champigny says:

      Hi, Regina!

      If you’re familiar with setting up a squeeze page to get opt-ins, then the giveaway wil be a breeze for you. You set up your squeeze page & gift download like always, then just list that information in the giveaway. Your gift description & graphic appear on the site, and those wanting your gift click through to your squeeze page. If you already have a list you send out your link to the giveaway 3 or 4 times during the time it’s open to the public, plus announce it wherever you can in social media, such as your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ accounts, etc. Blogging it helps too – the more people you can direct to the event, the more you’re helping them by getting them their free gifts, and you’re helping yourself by moving YOUR gift closer to the first page in the giveaway.

      If you don’t already have an opt-in list to send to, use the social media that much more expansively to get more people to the event through your link to get the best start you can on your list-building efforts. But either way, start by signing up to the event Here.

      Hope it helps,

      Doug Champigny.

  7. Mark says:

    Pretty insightful information. I also got my share of the big lie, and i now test everything myself before i decide whether i want to proceed or not. I’m checking the “ultimate social media giveaway” now as i recently created a video course and i want to offer it for free. Thanks

    M mark

  8. Robert says:

    The only part that is bothering me about my sign up and my buy up is that I don’t have a list to market this event to and what happens if no one clicks on any of my links at my blog, on forums or on facebook or twitter? My product will be pulled … not so sure I’m liking that part.
    Robert recently posted…Building That List …My Profile

    1. Doug Champigny says:

      Great point, Robert! It IS necessary to pull the gifts of those who don’t promote, so that it’s fair to those who are sending traffic, but that can be an issue for those with no list yet… But it IS vital that you get your list started, so what’s the answer?

      Your first consideration is how much time you have avialable to promote the giveaway, since there’s no end to the various free ways to promote the event. Since it does only last 2 weeks, taking an hour or two a day, everyday, to promote it is reasonable. In addition to your blog, establish a free blog at blogger.com, wordpress.com and tumblr.com, and for the first week each day post about one of the better gifts available telling people how it will help them and then giving them the link to get it and other helpful information for free at the giveaway. The second week, write about some of the pros in the event & let people know that person and hundreds more have free downloads for them at the event.

      Additionally, each day tweet about some of the gifts, highlight a gift a day on Facebook & Google+, etc. It is a fair bit of work, but nothing is more important to you as a newbie than getting your list started and those first few subscribers on the list. You probably won’t get that many opt-ins from your first few events, but each one gets you a few more and soon you’ll have a big enough list to be able to do better & better in each successive event you participate in.

      Welcome aboard & best of luck in the Social Media giveaway…


  9. Aneza says:

    This is great. Timeline can also use as marketing strategy especially in my work. And social media marketing is the solution on the projects.

  10. Julie says:

    Interesting article, I had been starting to believe that email marketing is dead since a couple of weeks when I came to you blog. I was stupid and I couldn’t see the lie behind the big and sensational words. Thanks for the useful and logic information, I will share it with my friends, too.
    Julie recently posted…dental implantsMy Profile

  11. Richard says:

    You are right. The “E-mail marketing doesn’t work – you need Social Media!” messages just make me think that they do not understand marketing. Marketing is about picking the best tool for your marketing idea – sometimes that is email, sometimes that is social media. Heck, it’s often good old-fashioned print marketing too!
    Richard recently posted…Artificial GrassMy Profile

  12. Nicole Schuman says:

    Whoa! Advertising manager at 19, you must be really good! :) anyway, so very informative and interesting. Thank you for sharing this. :)
    Nicole Schuman recently posted…hereMy Profile

  13. Adrian says:

    In my experience till now I have been seeing that email newsletters are still driving the traffic of interested visitors. so I do believe in it! The only thing required for a successful marketing is use of proper email newsletter server and mailing systems so that the emails don’t get trapped in junk folders of the recipients and of course the email templates matter!!

  14. My personal way of marketing is knowing your users and first offering a free opt in. Then make an superior version of what you giving away free and charge money for it.
    Chris Roberts recently posted…5 things to know before registering a domain nameMy Profile

  15. Kevin says:

    Quite informative discussion and deep knowledge about internet marketing lies. thanks a lot for sharing.
    Kevin recently posted…Tips to Become an Efficient Content WriterMy Profile

  16. Thanks so much for the share, Your tips are nice to know especially helpful and nice point of view of ideas. Thanks so much!

  17. Samantha says:

    Affiliate marketing is a very competitive industry. If you want to make a decent regular income and compete with the rest of the affiliate marketers who are promoting the same products and service, you should make yourself unique.
    Samantha recently posted…Spa Maintenance ServicesMy Profile

  18. Jian says:

    I totally understand what you’re saying. Five or four years,internet marketing seems so simple. Now, competition keeps on becoming stiff. And what’s worse, it’s also becoming difficult to rank in search engine results.

  19. Edd says:

    with your experience I guess you make a pretty compelling case for opt-in lists. I have always had faith that permission marketing using opt-in email lists is a great way to get your message to the inbox.
    Edd recently posted…Domed-decals-01My Profile

  20. Gina says:

    I wanted to take venture into the affiliate marketing stuff but i really don’t know how to start. I don’t even know how will i get paid on the effort i will be doing. Oh my but i heard that lots of people are really earning alot in this kind of thing. I hope i can learn its way too.

    1. Doug Champigny says:

      Hi, Gina!

      Welcome to the industry! Hopefully you can find some good info here, but also check out these blogs:

      Captain Affiliate
      Simple Clickbank Profits
      Affiliate Marketing Domination

      Hope it helps, DC.

  21. Chris Barker says:

    Internet marketing can be very complicated.I think I’m gonna have difficulties in spotting the lies behind it. But also, I think this can be competitive thought its has many feedbacks.
    Chris Barker recently posted…Online backup for PC & MacMy Profile

  22. Charmaine says:

    It is most helpful if you have a standalone website to promote the product from. Just writing articles does not make you seem as credible a seller or expert as if you also have some SEO content on a website that people find useful.
    Charmaine recently posted…Copywriting Company DevonMy Profile

  23. Great post – And with 40 years of experience, I take my hat off for you.Well done. I really enjoyed the read and the comments made by other users. And great point that you’ve made about the opt-in lists – Easy , yet a lot of companies don’t have them , I wonder why?
    Anton Koekemoer recently posted…Use blog marketing to help your digital marketing campaignMy Profile

  24. Karyn18 says:

    Thanks for sharing this very informative blog post. As of this moment I haven’t encountered it yet. Reading your post here, gives me awareness of this kind of propaganda in the internet.
    Karyn18 recently posted…Learn It all From A VPN ReviewMy Profile

  25. Jacko says:

    The only thing you really own is your domain name and your email list. you can get followers and subscribers but emails are the best what do you think?
    Jacko recently posted…From nowhere to the first page on Google in 2 monthsMy Profile

    1. Doug Champigny says:

      You’re right, Jacko – for the most part, driving traffic & list building are the two main skills for success in any niche online.

  26. Krizza says:

    It’s pretty easy, and pretty quick, to get a SMALL income stream started. It takes time and effort to build it up. Might as well get started today.
    Krizza recently posted…Hot Tub ServicingMy Profile

  27. Ammara Wasim says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am also working as e marketer and this post is great guide for me.

  28. Joanne says:

    Inspiring post as I have been slowly list building over the past 6 months and now am having success with email marketing, bringing former customers back to my ecommerce fleece dog harnesses site for 2nd/3rd purchases. It took me a while to get into it and I used tried and tested methods which are not new.
    Joanne recently posted…Bergan Dog Car Harness ReviewMy Profile

  29. Kathrine says:

    Yes this is very true. In online marketing one can not imagine when his earning exceeded his expectation. I really like the lie you have figured out in online marketing but it depends on people how they are performing. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Nice post.
    Kathrine recently posted…Tips to Become an Efficient Content WriterMy Profile

  30. BenThomas says:

    This is indeed a vital information for every newbie out there who can easily fall for internet marketing lies out there.
    BenThomas recently posted…Welcome to The Info Files!My Profile

  31. julythomas says:

    you definitely will get results – I can tell already from your comment that you have the right focus. Even though online it’s easy to remain anonymous, strong relationships still count and those who realize that will do well,
    julythomas recently posted…Clicker TrainingMy Profile

  32. Chris Barker says:

    I am now definitely building list of email marketing. This is really a reliable source to many newbies out there. Nice post!
    Chris Barker recently posted…Stream your files to your mobileMy Profile

  33. Jaswant Kurmi says:

    It was very informative and i was waiting to read this kind of good article.

  34. Insightful information shared about internet marketing lie. thank you so much for such a valuable information.

  35. reese says:

    Wow, very well said. Personally, I have known about people who have seen success through email marketing but not too many considering a lot try this route. I think mobile text marketing has better success than most email marketing campaign.
    reese recently posted…Iberiabank VisaMy Profile

  36. winty says:

    It is indeed very good information for every newbie out there who can easily fall for internet marketing lies out there.
    winty recently posted…iPhone 4/4S Trexta Rotating Folio Case – ExoticMy Profile

  37. Joven says:

    I was a victim of those money making lies on the internet before and I want to thank you for your very informative post about the big internet marketing lie to warn us to be more vigilant.

    1. Doug Champigny says:

      Thanks for taking time to comment, Joven – I’m glad the post will help you and hope others heed the advice too. I’ve made a very good living online since the 90’s, but have also seen a number of people fail miserably, mostly due to unrealistic expections as to how long it takes to start making real money online.

  38. amely hopes says:

    Thanks for mentioning it just unaware of this lie


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