Internet Marketing 2009 – Your Quick-Start Guide

Internet marketing is a great way to make money online – enough to boost your income, replace your offline job and join the work-at-home crowd, or get rich online – depending on the talents, resources, effort and perseverance you bring to the table. If you’re in our online family, you already know that – in fact if you’re reading Internet marketing blogs like this you already know that too. So your online business is already up and running, thriving, and constantly moving ahead, taking your profits into the stratosphere slowly but surely, right?

What? No Internet marketing business yet? No opt-in mailing lists? No blog? No salespages or squeeze pages online? Don’t feel bad – for every 100 people who know the power of Internet marketing, only 1 or 2 have done anything about it so far. Just decide that today is the day that all changes for you, that you’re about to get off your butt and actually DO something to improve your lot, to start building your Internet business, and to take those first few baby steps towards your own dream lifestyle!

In the next few days – say by the end of a week – you can be set up and ready to rock. That’s what this post is for – to show you what it takes to get up and started quickly. Surely you can stay motivated for a week, right? And when you see how far you’ve gotten in that one week, you’ll realize that it’s not a tough business – it just takes steady, focused action to start your online business and keep your Internet marketing profits growing year after year.

If you’ve read my previous two posts, on Starting An Online Business and Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business, then you already have some idea of what it takes to get started, so today I’ll focus on how to get there quickly…

Your Most Valuable Internet Marketing Resource

Right now, without the hesitation that held you back throughout 2008, get your account at This is far more than just some cheap webhosting, because…

  • You get enough hosting space for more than a dozen websites, blogs, salespages and squeeze pages – that’s worth more than $20 a month, right?

  • You get unlimited professional autoresponders – you can set up an automated follow-up series for each niche you’re in, for your mainstream Internet marketing, and still have the ability to send out broadcast e-mails to any subset of your lists or to all your subscribers at any time – and no rising fees as your list size grows! (Some services start raising your rates with as few as 500 or 1,000 subscribers – sheesh!) That part’s worth more than $20 a month too, right?

  • You get your own affiliate program. That’s right – you get a fully-featured affiliate program so others can sell your products for you too! Your products don’t even have to be hosted there, so if you already have some products or services online hosted elsewhere, you can still use this affiliate program with those products, without having to move any of your other sites. This part alone is worth a small fortune on it’s own, isn’t it?

OK – now maybe you’re seeing why we think is our most valuable Internet marketing resource – and why it should be yours too. Easily worth $97 a month or more, I’m still surprised that they’ve kept it to just $20 a month – I’d still be using it at 10 times that cost! (But don’t tell them that! lol) Go ahead and get your Hosting, Autoresponders and Affiliate Program now – I’ll wait, but just don’t forget to come back and continue on…

Setting Up Your Internet Marketing Blog

Now that you have that account, let’s get you rolling – this video shows you how to set up a blog on your site there in under 5 minutes. No, I’m not kidding or exaggerating – just follow along with that video and you can set up an Internet marketing blog (or any other types of blog) in under 5 minutes. Don’t keep reading – go now and set up your blog. Then continue on here…

Setting Up Your Internet Marketing E-Zine

OK – next up is your autoresponder series – you can write your own, or use the Internet Marketing Newsletter In A Box, prewritten with a year’s worth of content for you. All you need to do is add your name as the author to each issue, and add links to your own products or to products you make affiliate commissions from. ClickBank & PayDotCom are two of the biggest sources of affiliate products to market, so sign up here for Free Updates of All New Products launching at ClickBank & PayDotCom – you’ll get an e-mail once a day showing you the new affiliate opportunities listed at both services that day – what could be simpler?

Building Your Opt-In Lists – Getting New Subscribers

Once even the first 7 – 10 issues are loaded up into your autoresponder, it’s time to get your first opt-in subscribers. Standard procedure in the Internet marketing field is to offer them a valuable gift for free just for trying your newsletter. Here’s two gifts you can have for trying our e-zine, and we even give you the squeeze page to use so you can give them away and build your own list too! Take a minute right now and download your Free Report and Squeeze Page and your Free List-Building Resource and Squeeze Page. You can get more Free Brandable E-Books To Give Away too, which carry YOUR affiliate links and let you build more affiliate commissions from those getting your reports, and those they give it away to too!

Building Targeted Traffic To Your Blog

Now return to your blog and write one good blog post for each of the three or four free gifts you just downloaded, linking each blog post to the URL where you put the squeeze page for that gift. Us the post to tell them about the gift, what it’s for and what it can do for them – 3-5 paragraphs will do for each post. Once you have them all done, go to and announce your new blog to the world.

Set up a free account at each of Technorati and and get your new blog listed with each of them there too. After that, set up an account at, interact with the community there for a while, and then invite them to your blog as well. Do the same with Internet Marketing forums and social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, OnlyWire, etc.

And there you have it – step by step you’ve built the core of your new Internet marketing & affiliate marketing business, in less than a week and for less than $100 total investment. And your only ongoing expense to this point is your $20 a month to

Keep posting relevant information to your blog, branding and offering more free e-books to those who sign up for your mailing list, and e-mail that list at least 3 times per week. Remember to hit after each blog post to tell the directories about your new posts.

Most importantly, be sure to bookmark this blog and return to it regularly – I’ll be adding more and more tips on building your Internet marketing business throughout the year! To be sure you don’t miss any important updates, subscribe to my Internet Marketing RSS Feed if you have an RSS reader, and Follow Me On Twitter.

Congratulations on breaking through and actually starting your Internet Marketing Business – and welcome to making money online – hope to see you as part of the work-at-home community soon!

Doug Champigny.

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  1. Andre Arnett says:

    This is a really good step by step course to show someone how to get online. Boy I know I would have paid for this information and you are giving it away for free. You are a leader in your field. Some of the “guru’s” should take notice.

    Andre Arnett’s last blog post..Let 2009 Be Your Year To Succeed

  2. Nice easy step by step plan you have presented Doug.

    Now the key will be for readers to take action.

    Mike Paetzold’s last blog post..Is your own business really more risky than working for someone else?

  3. What a great step-by-step plan Doug.

    With this anyone should be able to start their own internet marketing business.

    It still amazes me the large number of people that want to start and say they are going to start but never actually do.

    It really is as low cost and simple as you have shown to get started. I think that the problem most people have is that they want instant gratification and this business does take time and effort to get it going.

    Thanks for another wonderful post Doug,

    Brett McEllhiney

    Brett McEllhiney’s last blog post..I Hate Writing Articles – Isn’t There An Easier Way?

  4. Thanks for the useful post Doug – I was dabbling with blogs in 2008 but this year I want to really try and make some money. I feel like I’m in info overload though from all the ebooks and courses I’ve been reading. It’s good to see everything set out in a step by step plan that you can follow easily!

    Caitlyn Howells’s last blog post..Ambassador promotes Maldives Tourism in China

  5. Thomas says:

    Doug, great tips. Wanted to let you know about another tool that works like Pingomatic and Pingoat, but will automate the process of pinging blogs, it is available for free at

  6. I commend you for writing this article as this would be a great help for us in the online marketing industry. Well done ‘Mate


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