Internet Marketing 2009 – Starting An Online Business

Internet Marketing 2009 – Starting An Online Business

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Internet marketing has grown exponentially since it’s inception in 1994, as more and more people around the world start an online business either to earn some extra cash or to become work-at-home entrepreneurs to escape the rigors, stress and limitations of corporate existence.

And as 2009 dawns, the prospects for making money online through Internet marketing have never been brighter. While much of the offline world languishes through the Great Recession, those doing business online will still see growth this year with more people making money online through Internet marketing than ever before!

In terms of starting a business online, your first choice has to be what area of Internet marketing you want to begin with. For all intents and purposes, their are three different main categories to consider…

The easiest, and usually quickest way to start making money online is Affiliate marketing. This is usually the first step for Internet marketing since you don’t need your own products, can get started with a very low investment, and can often start bringing in the first profits in a relatively short time. To start affiliate marketing, a blog, an autoresponder and a method to collect opt-in subscribers is usually all that’s required at first.

Next up is mainstream Internet marketing, which is best described as teaching people to market online, and selling them the tools and resources to accomplish this. But be warned – this is probably the most competitive area of doing business online, and you’re competing directly with people who are expert marketers both online and offline.

Starting an Internet marketing business requires expertise – either your own or some purchased – such as products with resell rights or materials you outsource (have ghostwritten for you). And again, you’ll need a blog, an autoresponder to send out your e-zine and e-courses, and at least one, though probably many, websites.

The third option, Niche marketing, is usually the next step for those starting out with affiliate marketing, but you can choose to start off with it too. Niche marketing refers to specializing in products – tangible goods or digital downloads – that appeal to people in one specific niche, or area of interest. Popular niches to market to include travel, pets, health & fitness, kids, music, sports, etc.

If you have a hobby or passtime you love, chances are you’ll stay more interested and motivated with your niche marketing than if you pick a field you know little about or have no great interest in. Again you can create or purchase your products to sell online, and the main tools to start out with are the same – your blog and autoresponder, plus a site or salespage and lead-capture pages.

Take a bit of time to research each of the three areas, then decide on your initial area of focus and jump right in. There are a great number of us earning a comfortable living online through Internet marketing, and our ranks are growing daily… Shouldn’t YOU be pursuing your dreams and working toward YOUR dream lifestyle too?

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  1. Doug,

    Many will look to 2009 as a start to some extra needed income. As you explain, affiliate marketing is a low risk, low cost and quick start of an Internet Marketing business. Many will look for guidance and tips and are here at the right place!


  2. Great points and working in a niche is probably the best way. Unfortunately, the vast majority will try the most competitive despite advice to the contrary from those of us who have been through it.

    Wishing you and Teri the best for the New Year and keep up the great content.

    Mike Paetzold’s last blog post..Free gifts for you

  3. Andre Arnett says:

    This is very good information to pass along. i think this would be a good starting point for someone trying to get started. Thanks.

    Andre Arnett’s last blog post..There’s A Light In The Sky!

  4. Earl Netwal says:

    Good Summary of options. Thanks Doug.

    Earl Netwal’s last blog post..The Omega and the Alpha

  5. Hi Doug,

    Great info on your blogs as usual.

    I enjoy all your articles and products.

    But the best kept sectret of all is the way you write emails.

    It truly is a lesson in how to write emails for internet marketers.

    Thanks and happy New Year!

    Russell Carter

  6. I would have to agree Doug,

    I have worked in all three and Affiliate Marketing is probably the easiest and cheapest ways to start online.

    When it comes to Niche Marketing if you can find a very sought after niche with little competition, you can make some huge profits. But you definitely need to do your keyword research before starting this type of marketing. Not that you don’t need to do it for the rest of the types of marketing, but it is even more crucial for niche marketing.

    Thanks for keeping us informed and up to date Doug!

    Brett McEllhiney’s last blog post..How to Create an Outline For Your Articles

  7. Niche is the way to go. I’ve seen more success in my niche sites than all of my other sites combined. Slow and steady makes all the difference.

  8. Shelby Carr says:


    Excellent! Because of the economy there will be many people turning to the internet to earn a living or supplement their income.

    I agree with you that they should do the research. I have seen many that just keep buying products to show them how to make money online, but never do anything about it.

    My advise? Pick one specific area and jump in with both feet. Don’t wait until you learn everything because that won’t happen. Learn as you go. Take action!

    Have a Happy New Year and make 2009 your year to succeed!


    Shelby Carr’s last blog post..Finding A Profitable Niche

  9. Watzzupsport says:

    The difficulty with it all, is finding a good niche and getting traffic to the site, it seems to be easier said than done.
    There is such a bewildering area of opportunities that it becomes distracting and discouraging

    Watzzupsport’s last blog post..New Years Resolutions Give up smoking

  10. […] you’ve read my previous two posts, on Starting An Online Business and Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business, then you already have some idea of what it takes to […]

  11. Bob Coleman says:

    Here’s the problem as I see it. Internet Newbies have no idea what it takes. They may see the potential, but they have no actual idea of the mechanics of the process. Everything from traffic gen., lead capture, website design, seo, web 2.0, PPC etc.

    Once they get involved and realize that they’re not going to get rich overnight (or even in a couple of weeks) they bounce. This the 95% failure rate.

    Internet Marketing is not a novelty. Successful internet marketing is very much based on sound business practices and modeling.


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