Have You Decided To Be Successful This Year?

Have You Decided To Be Successful This Year?

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Here’s an important question for you… Have you decided to be successful this year?

At first, that might sound like a silly question – you probably said, right off the top, of course I have!

Everyone does – but most are kidding themselves. You see, chances are you already know what it takes to be successful online, or at the very least you know what the next few steps you should take are. Right? So have you? Have you started taking those steps?

You see, there’s a whole world of difference between WANTING to be successful and DECIDING to be successful. With the former you dream of what you’d do with all the bucks, all the toys, all the time, etc. With the latter you do the same – then go ahead and make it come true!

So when I ask if you’ve DECIDED to be successful in 2009, the real question is ‘Are you ready to ACT on that decision and bring your dreams to life?’ Or are you going to let another year go by where you leave it all up to fate, hoping your cubicle is still yours tomorrow, all the while hating going TO that cubicle 5 days a week?

When you’re ready to take action, your first and most important step is to learn to drive targeted traffic. Why first? Because targeted traffic is what makes squeeze pages, salespages, blogs and affiliate promotions successful.

Whether today’s mission is to build your list, sell some products or do well with an affiliate push, it’s your ability to drive targeted traffic that makes or breaks you. And that’s the one item usually overlooked when learning about Internet marketing, affiliate marketing or niche marketing.

You see, you’re always being told ‘The Money is in the List’ – meaning that it’s your opt-in list that gives you the ability to make a profit online at will. And that IS true – once your list is in the thousands. But they don’t point out what it takes to GET that list built up to that point first – targeted traffic.

Right now the Web 2.0 social sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace & MyBlogLog are all the rage, in large part because of the traffic they can drive to your sites. Add to that the online ‘authority’ sites like Squidoo, HubPages, Weebly & Google Knol, and you have a whole collection of potential traffic sources.

But it’s important to remember they’re PART of your traffic-generation arsenal, not the whole plan. Traditional traffic generation sources like on-site Search Engine Optimization, article marketing, teleseminars, joint venture giveaways, viral e-books and solo ad swaps with other marketers must still be employed.

That still isn’t it, though… Blogging is probably the single biggest boost to free traffic generation to come along since the invention of the search engines, and it’s evolution has now brought us to podcasting and video blogging as well. In fact, each of those is now becoming it’s own traffic source too, with podcast directories like iTunes and video hosting sites like YouTube drawing millions of viewers every month.

The most overlooked traffic source in the blogoshere is blog commenting; reading and offering relevant, related comments on other people’s blogs. By default, blogs use a ‘do not follow’ tag that stops search engines from finding your sites through your comments. But a growing number of intelligent bloggers have come to realize they should reward you for valuable interaction with their site, and now use a DoFollow plugin to give you that extra help whn you leave worthwhile comments on their blogs.

Some have taken it a step further, adding the CommentLuv plugin, which also then adds a link to your latest blog post after your comment. These links are gold – not only do they provide one-way links to your blog for the search engines to find, but they drive traffic directly from those blogs to yours, as people see post titles that interest them. After all, if they’re interested in the post they’re reading, see your relevant comment & then a link to a related post on YOUR blog, it’s only natural for them to click through and keep reading.

The same is true on forums, and help sites like Yahoo! Answers. The more targeted your response, the more helpful your posts, the greater the number of people who will click through to check out your blog – and a sign-up form for your opt-in list on every part of your blog will ensure that keeps the all-mighty list growing non-stop too!

So how difficult is it to build an ever-increasing flow of targeted traffic? Not difficult at all – it just requires time, effort, discipline and persistence. How expensive is it? It needn’t cost you a cent, although many of the tasks can be automated or outsourced, and your efforts multiplied many times over by using paid resources…

But consider this for a moment – this article alone has mentioned twenty different sources of free targeted traffic. Powerful enough resources to bring thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of visiotrs a year to your site over time. Yet how many of them are you actually using so far? How consistent have you been in using them?

Time to take your targeted traffic generation a bit more seriously if this truly is your year to become successful, isn’t it?

See You At The Top…

Doug Champigny.

Web 2.0 Targeted Traffic Expert Doug Champigny was a featured speaker at the Internet Marketing SuperConference in Las Vegas and is the author of several of the e-books on targeted traffic generation that are included in the Massive Traffic Bootcamp. For more great advice on driving traffic and other profitable tips on Internet marketing, affiliate marketing and niche marketing, subscribe to Doug’s daily e-zine through his popular Internet marketing blog at DougChampigny.com.

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  1. Ron Barrett says:


    Fantastic information.

    Taking action is what separates the wannabe’s from the are’s.

    It’s simply one decision.

    Your help and advice is always appreciated.


    Ron Barrett’s last blog post..5 Solid Reasons Why Articles Are the Most Powerful Tool For Driving Traffic To Your Website

  2. Great column and oh so true. Action daily is the key. Make your blog posts, do your articles, add a podcast and do it every day and all of a sudden your traffic has increased exponentially.

    Mike Paetzold’s last blog post..Traffic Generation Teleseminar Tonight

  3. PlugIM.com says:

    Have You Decided To Be Successful This Year?

    Blog post shows the difference between wanting to be successful online and DECIDING to be successful – and what steps you need to take first to be successful in Internet marketing or affiliate marketing….

  4. Doug,

    I fully agree. You need traffic to build your list, offer products, basicly you need traffic to be successful as an Internet Marketer. One reason why I cerated The Grab The Traffic Blog. And to invest some to time to get free traffic though social sites is just a must. But in the end, as you mentioned in your post so right, persistence is what counts in the end.

    Thanks for a great post!


  5. Joel Osborne says:

    Another great article Doug!

    It has reminded me of a few traffic methods that I need to focus more on, as well as some that I totally forgot about.

    Thanks Doug!

    Joel Osborne’s last blog post..The Power Of Instant Bonus Pages

  6. Fantastic post Doug,

    Targeted traffic is essential to your marketing success. Without traffic nothing that you do, no matter how great it may be, will ever even be noticed.

    As important as we all know that traffic is, sometimes there are so many distractions that it seems to be the easiest thing to overlook.

    The best thing to do is to take it one step at a time and as the first step becomes habit move on to the next step. Over time the entire process will be second nature.

    Brett McEllhiney

    Brett McEllhiney’s last blog post..Build a Niche Marketing Business – Step 3 – Narrow It Down

  7. Jit Uppal says:

    Hey Doug!

    Another excellent post filled with extremely valuable information!

    If you aren’t happy with your current results online, read this post over a few times and decide to take action on at least one of Doug’s suggestions IMMEDIATELY!

    Then once you’ve done that, come back and incorporate something new.

    Thanks again Doug!!

    Jit Uppal

    Jit Uppal’s last blog post..FormulaFIVE System by StomperNet – Review

  8. Every time we make new resolutions and break them, I just wanna keep me going on the right track and achieve all the goals which are the most important ones.

    ZK@Web Marketing Blog’s last blog post..Google launches Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool

  9. Great article and website! Your writing ability puts a fresh spin on some highly sought after topics. I Will be visiting often!

  10. Eduardo says:

    I am happy when I find good information like this on web!! Thanks!

  11. amely hopes says:

    obviously i also really pulled up my socks this year for getting better result


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