Doug Champigny, The Success Lifestylist, is a specialist in balancing financial, physical, emotional and spiritual strength and has dedicated his life to helping others learn & benefit from those same skills. A world-famous marketing mentor, author and speaker who has criss-crossed the United States speaking at conferences and conventions, Doug is also a certified personal trainer and fitness author.

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Money & Marketing Blog
Doug’s Marketing Blog
Looking for professional marketing help? Whether it’s Internet marketing, offline marketing, retail marketing, corporate marketing strategies or information on promoting offline businesses online that you’re looking for, here’s the blog you want to visit regularly. Success Lifestylist Doug Champigny is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of marketing & advertising experience, and he shares his marketing advice with you here. Over ONE MILLION people have visited Doug’s blogs, so head on over & get the info YOU need now!
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Mindset & Motivation Blog
Doug’s Mindset Blog
Nothing is more critical to your success than your mindset – it affects everything you do in life. From boosting your motivation to giving you the willpower to stay in shape and from advancing in your career or business to generally being happy in life, adopting a Success Mindset is the key… Let Doug Champigny help guide you to embracing your Diamond Mind and lead you to a happier, healthier and more rewarding lifestyle through his Mindset & Motivation blog!
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